Designer: organic Jeweller

About Cathy


I am the designer and creator of all my pieces, being an artist satisfies something in my soul. Throughout my career I have been challenged to use an ethical approach for the respect I have for mother earth. I try to limit the amount of chemical use in my studio as much as possible, for example, I will choose to rivet pieces together rather than solder them where possible. I like to experiment with my rolling mill to achieve different textures onto silver plate. Since 2009 I have undertaken training to learn the technique of Precious Metal Clay, again to achieve patterned surfaces on fine silver. The shapes I choose and the patterns and textures I am wanting to create in some way will reflect something in nature or existing symbolic imagery.

Nature is special and my love for wood leads me to consistently source and use timbers from around the world. I am drawn to the different colours and patterns of each species, making it, in my eyes, as valuable and as special as a precious stone.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo da Vinci.

I hope my jewellery speaks to you.

Catherina Van Den Essen, January 2020



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